Flashpoint VS Godox: Are They The Same?

If you are looking for cheap flashes and strobes, you’ve probably come across Godox and Flashpoint. You probably noticed that the products are pretty similar. The question is, are they the same? In this article, we will answer that question for you, and we will help you navigate both product lines.

Flashpoint is a Godox brand made for the US market, which is distributed by Adorama, so they make the same products. The benefit is that if you live in the US, you get a warranty and support via Adorama instead of waiting for support directly from Godox in China.

That would be the simple way of explaining the differences. Now let’s dig into more details.

Flashpoint vs Godox: What Are The Exact Differences?

Godox flashes, speedlights and strobes with Canon camera. Canon 5D Mk II, Godox AD200 (Flashpoint eVOLV 200 Pro), V860 (Flashpoint Zoom Li-ion R2 TTL), xPRO Trigger (Flashpoint R2 Pro ), Wistro AD600 (Flashpoint XPLOR 600).
Godox flashes, speedlights and strobes with Canon camera. From top left to right: Canon 5D Mk II, Godox AD200 (Flashpoint eVOLV 200 Pro), V860 (Flashpoint Zoom Li-ion R2 TTL), xPRO Trigger (Flashpoint R2 Pro ), Wistro AD600 (Flashpoint XPLOR 600).

As previously mentioned, Flashpoint is a Godox brand intended for the US market and distributed by Adorama. The support and warranty are Adorama’s obligations if you purchase Flashpoint equipment.

That being said, most of the gear between Flashpoint and Godox is the same. They just go under different names. The following table will help you differentiate all the products under the two brands.

Flashpoint Zoom Li-on X R2 TTLGodox V1
Flashpoint Zoom Li-on III R2 TTLGodox V860 III
Flashpoint Zoom Li-ion R2 TTLGodox V860 II
Flashpoint Zoom Li-on Manual R2Godox V850 II
Flashpoint Zoom Li-ion Mini TTL R2Godox V350
Flashpoint Zoom TTL R2Godox TT685
Flashpoint Zoom II AA R2 TTLGodox TT685II
Flashpoint Zoom R2 ManualGodox TT600
Flashpoint Zoom-Mini TTL R2Godox TT350
Flashpoint StreakLight 360 WsGodox AD360 II Wistro
Flashpoint ML-150 II Macro Ring FlashGodox Macro Ring Flash ML-150 II
Flashpoint MF-R76 Macro FlashGodox MF-R76
Flashpoint MF12 Macro FlashGodox MF12
FlashBack SeniorGodox Lux Senior
FlashBack JuniorGodox Lux Junior
Flashpoint R2 PROGodox X-Pro
Flashpoint R2 Mark II TTLGodox X2T
Flashpoint R2 Pro Mark IINone
Flashpoint R2 TTLGodox X1T
Flashpoint R2T 32 ChannelGodox XT32
Flashpoint RF-400 Ring Li-On 400ws RingflashGodox Wistro AR400
Flashpoint XPLOR 100 ProGodox AD100 Pro
Flashpoint eVOLV 200Godox AD200
Flashpoint eVOLV 200 ProGodox AD200 Pro
Flashpoint XPLOR 300 ProGodox AD300 Pro
Flashpoint XPLOR 400 ProGodox AD400 Pro
Flashpoint XPLOR 600 ProGodox AD600 Pro
Flashpoint XPLOR600 HSS TTLGodox AD600B
Flashpoint XPLOR 600 HSSGodox AD600BM
Flashpoint XPLOR Power 1200 ProGodox AD1200 Pro
Flashpoint XPLOR Power 2400 ProGodox P2400
Flashpoint Studio 400 MonolightGodox SK400II
Flashpoint Studio 300 MonolightGodox SK300II
Flashpoint Rapid 400 HSSGodox QT400IIM
Flashpoint Rapid 600 HSSGodox QT600IIM
Flashpoint Rapid 1200 HSSGodox QT1200IIM
Flashpoint Studio Pro 400 III-VGodox DP400IIIV
Flashpoint Studio Pro 600 III-VGodox DP600IIIV
Flashpoint Studio Pro 800 III-VGodox DP800IIIV
Flashpoint Studio Pro 1000 III-VGodox DP1000IIIV
Flashpoint BLAZ 200Godox MS200
Flashpoint BLAZ 300Godox MS300
Flashpoint 120w Budget FlashGodox E120
Flashpoint 160w Budget FlashGodox E160
Flashpoint 300w Budget FlashGodox E300

Since the gear is the same between the two brands, that means it can work interchangeably. So if you have a Flashpoint trigger, you can trigger a Godox flash and vice versa. All of the accessories made for Godox products fit on Flashpoint products and the other way around.

Godox and Wistro: What Are The Differences?

Wistro is a product line of battery-powered monolights from Godox. So unlike Flashpoint and Godox, which is the same brand just for different markets, Wistro is just a product line. For example, Godox Wistro AD600BM is a Wistro flash made by Godox.

Flashpoint Support

Thus far, you’ve learned that Flashpoint is Godox for the US market and is distributed and supported by Adorama. That means if you live in the US (or near), it is wise to purchase Flashpoint gear instead of Godox. That way, you can have support, warranty, and service from Adorama.

That means if something breaks and you need to return the product for replacement or service, Adorama will be a much faster option than waiting for Godox to service/replace the unit from China.

Adorama is known for good customer service, so it is a great choice.

Godox Support

If you live in Asia, purchasing Godox products is a better idea. Since Godox is made in China, servicing or replacing the products also goes through China. So if you are geographically near China, you’ll have decent customer service and experience.

On the other hand, if you try to get something repaired or replaced by Godox directly outside of Asia, you might end up waiting for months just for shipping. Of course, there are authorized service centers and resellers for Godox in other countries, but their stock and capabilities are limited.

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